Mister Mojito Muddler Reveiw

I love toys, of all sorts. In the race to the finish line of this short life burdened by the tasks of growing up and maturing some of us cling to a childlike trait. One of mine is the love of cool stuff that makes whatever hobby I am involved in easier. It is probably good that I do not have a lot of time to devote to homebrewing as I would almost surely own a small mini stainless microbrewing system. There are many times my wife has had to reign me in from going waaaay overboard. Don’t get her started on surf fishing. The common argument is “Don’t you think you have enough fishing rods already?” To which I reply “There is no such thing as enough.”

The other thing that I am a sucker for is something that serves one purpose, yet looks like something else. I own a bike lock that looks like a pair of hand cuffs, cutlery that looks like a sword used to sabre open Champagne bottles, cigar lighters that resemble plumber’s torches, etc, etc. You get the idea

So with that in mind I found a drink muddler from mistermojito.com that instantly caught my attention. Now first off I must say that the muddlers made by David Nepove, the creator of Mister Mojito, are the best that I have ever seen or used in my entire culinary career, whether behind a bar or in my own home. I own two other muddlers from his fine company, one I bought and the other was a gift, before I saw the Slugger advertised on his site. It appropriately enough looks like a small baseball bat. This I had to have, what if you had a guest get unruley while you were mixing drinks? Why with this, one could play bartender and bouncer all at the same moment. Now with that in mind lets get to the problem with the subject of an item looking like one thing and designed to do something else altogether. The above mentioned bike lock is useful only when locking the bike to something almost perfectly round, and as handcuffs, well that review is best left to another type of blog.

The Slugger works as well as any of Dave’s other muddlers, however if using you should use with a large glass such as a pint glass. For this muddler is a bit bigger,and may I say a little bolder than his other products. The slugger will crush a sugar cube in one twist, however, if you are a few drinks into the evening the slugger can also crack a standard collin’s glass if that is what you are using for a mojito. Not that that happened to me, well how about a recipe.

one sugar cube
4-5 mint leaves (spearmint)
2 oz white (blanco) rum
1 oz fresh lime juice
finish with club soda or 7-up
Place sugar cube in the bottom of glass and cover with the mint leaves. Muddle and add ice. Add rum and lime juice top with soda.
A few notes here. I like the 7-UP better than the club soda, as it makes the drink just a little bit sweeter. Do not use the pre-mixed mojito mixes as they are all sugar and chemicals. This is an easy cocktail and it should remain so. It really dose not need bitters or any other flavors.

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  1. All I can say is……..why am I not surprised

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